Points 4 Panthers

A six hour hoop-a-thon to support the middle school boys of The Washington Jesuit Academy.

** The Goal:**
1500 Ten footers
750 Free Throws
250 Three pointers

Make 2,500 Hoops
Raise $2,500 for WJA Athletics

Points 4 Panthers

Since I was a little girl, I have loved basketball. I want to use that love to help kids who deserve some support. The boys of the Washington Jesuit Academy have started their lives with less and I hope with a good education they can end up with more. Thank you for supporting my efforts.--Kathryn

The Washington Jesuit Academy is a middle school for boys from low-income communities in grades 5 through 8. Its mission is to provide a high quality and comprehensive education to boys from low-income communities, offering them a safe, rigorous academic setting and advancing their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. For more information visit http://www.wjacademy.org/.

"We cannot just worry about ourselves."
-Pope Francis

Kathryn and her Teammates